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How to distract your kids while you’re using the bathroom!

Most moms and some dads have been there. We need to use the bathroom but either A) your child is too young to be unsupervised or B) your child is clinging onto us like a stubborn piece of lint.

Today we're hearing from Saadia - Program Supervisor of the Hopes PAT program. When she's not busy leading the Project HOPES side of the PAT program, Saadia is tending to her two little ones, 4-year old Gabriel and 11-month old Talea.

Here's Saadia's roundup of top five things you can do to distract your child while you're taking care of business in the bathroom:

  • Have them bring their own toys near the bathroom area so that you are somewhat visible and you can keep an eye on them too

  • Play music on your phone or put on a tv show to keep their eyes on something else besides you

  • If you have a baby, just suck it up and rock her (this may help your trip to the bathroom be a bit faster anyway)

  • Play a game with them -- rolling a ball or throwing toys in and out of the tub will be a good distractor

  • Read a book if your time in the bathroom may be a little long

Are you a parent that can relate to one of Saadia’s experiences?! Please share and comment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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