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How to have a fun grocery shopping trip with kids (it's possible!)

Is it hard to tame your toddler during trips to the grocery store? Handling tantrums at home isn’t easy, much less in public. It’s easy to feel like all eyes are on when you child misbehaves while your in the aisles of your local supermarket but there are definitely things you can do to avoid the tantrum from even beginning.

Today, parent educator Mary Jo shares a few tips that might make your next shopping trip more pleasant for you and your child:

  • Make sure your little one is well rested and fed before the trip to avoid crankiness.

  • If possible, make the trip interactive; prepare a visual grocery list using construction paper, pictures from shopping ads, and crayons.

  • Read the grocery list aloud to your child and check off the items together.

  • Recall childhood nursery rhymes and songs and share them with your child while shopping. Singing and storytelling are low cost, impactful ways to engage children. They can serve as transportable parenting strategies that can be easily used when out grocery shopping.

Have you tried any of these tips before? Have any of your own? Share them below and help other parents survive their next trip to the grocery store.

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