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The benefits of giving your child a massage (plus, the proper and easiest method)

Infant massage is a parent tradition within many ancient cultures that has been re discovered and adapted for parents and babies around the world. A massage is beneficial at any age, we’re sure any stressed out parent can attest to this! Infant Massage has many added benefits, in example sleep better, alleviates constipation or gas, improves circulation, soothes your baby, promotes relaxation and more.

Today, parent educator Patricia Orduno shares her tips to give our children, specifically, infants a proper and relaxing massage. She’s a certified infant massage instructor who has first-handedly seen the benefits of infant massage in children, when done on a daily basis by parents or caregivers.

Use Oils and Creams

Using an oil of your choice or cream will make it easier for your hands to glide over your baby’s skin. Unscented oils are better to start with to avoid an allergic reaction. Lavender oil is suggested since the smell contributes to reduce emotional stress while massaging.

A Quiet Room is Best

Start your massage in a quiet room, and keep massage short until she gets used to it.

Make it Part of Your Baby’s Routine

A good time to massage your baby is when she is alert, awake, and interested in her environment. You can also massage before bedtime as part of your routine to help your child wind down after the long day.

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