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How to keep your sanity while shopping with kids

Heading to the grocery store with your toddler could be challenging. But believe it or not shopping with your toddler while maintaining your sanity is possible.

Today, parent educator Lety Campos shares her tried and true tips to making shopping manageable. (This read is a great companion piece to parent educator Mary-Jo’s grocery shopping blog post from a couple of weeks back).

Here are a few ideas to make those shopping trips stress free.

  • Having a plan will be beneficial before you head out make sure you make a shopping list, and make sure these are items that you can carry because you might need the other hand to keep after your toddler.

  • Always keep your child in the shopping cart it may challenging but being assertive so they stay in the cart will also keep them safe.

  • Make it a quick shopping trip don’t shop for the whole month. A quick trip will be easier for them to handle.

  • Give them a job make a learning opportunity out of it. Take store ads with you and have them look for the items on your shopping list. It is a great opportunity to build language skills by talking to them especially about new foods. Let them help you weigh apples in the produce department great teaching opportunity.

  • Also pack snack/treats, and bring entertainment bring their favorite toy.

  • Plan for the unexpected even if you have a plan set. Its ok their learning to control their behavior. So ignore the looks focus on your child and teaching him the expected behavior in the grocery store.

  • Above all avoid trouble spots like the candy aisle or toy aisle in some stores.

Consistency matters so if follow some of these tips it can help make shopping with your toddler enjoyable. Happy shopping!

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