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Skills for Success Program

Did you know that those with a high school diploma or GED on average earn more than $8,000 more than those without? 

Skills for Success is a program designed to empower Parents as Teachers (PAT) families who are ready to improve their financial stability. Parents and caregivers are connected to GED and skill-building courses to create a pathway that leads to full-time employment. The program also helps to alleviate barriers such as access to transportation, technology, and school supplies, including providing support in accessing public benefits and childcare to ensure the family is stable throughout the process. 


Those interested in participating in the Skills for Success program must be: 

Enrolled in the Parents as Teachers program

Able to dedicate time to completing a GED or job certification program

Ready to gain full-time employment

For more information about the Skills for Success program, eligibility requirements, and/or additional questions, please contact United Way of El Paso County at (915) 533-2434. 

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