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Meet the Educator – Avelyn Murillo

Tell us about you and the unique qualities or expertise you have?

My name is Avelyn Murillo, this is my second year as Parent Educator in Parents as Teachers program. I started in the program as mother two years ago with my little one that now is 3 years old. I think that experience as mother in the program help me now to connect, engage and build a good relationship with my families now as parent educator, because they can see that I am a typical mom.

What is your favorite part of the service you provide?

My favorite part of being a parent educator is to build the relationships. Sometimes parents arrive to the visit afraid or concern but once I tell them the information and share when it actually happened to me usually, we laugh a lot. I love how can I give them peace to their minds when they are concern about something.

When you are not providing services to families, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I am just started my master’s degree in Education with concentration in Bilingual Education, so when I am not providing services to my families I am reading or doing homework. I try to have at least 2 quality hours daily with my son, and at least one day of our weekend to do something fun like go to the park or to the zoo, I love to match all the information that I read from curriculum by Parents as Teachers and my master’s degree with him.

What is something unique about yourself that you would like other to know?

I think that something unique about myself is that I always find the time to try new things. I love challenges and sometimes I do not have time to do more things, but I just re-organize my time and then there it is, some time to try it.

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