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Love Our Parents as Teachers Class

Hello all,

My name is Brandie. I have a 4-year-old son named Isaiah. I first began with the Parents as Teachers class to satisfy my TANF requirements. While I could’ve chosen to just do the WIC classes and that would’ve been enough, I decided to look for something that would be more of a learning experience for myself and my child. When I learned about this class, I knew it was a good pick for us. I had been struggling with being able to find ways to engage Isaiah in learning. Not his fault at all. I just didn’t really know how to pick activities that would grab his attention but also would be educational. I knew I needed some help. Help came in the form of a wonderful lady named Myrna and the Parents as Teachers class.

My son loves doing the activities when I can get him to sit still for a minute. I enjoy them just as much as he does for sure. And I enjoy and look forward to chatting with Myrna a lot too. When I first signed up, I was thinking 2 years is a long time but it has flown by and been so much fun for us. I am so glad that I picked this class. I know that it's helping me become a better mom and teaching me new and fun ways to band with my son and I am truly grateful for the effort and thought that is put into planning the activities and the events. Thank you for this class.

Author: Brandie Lanham

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