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Watching a Family Grow as a Parent Educator

The Castañeda family is a military family that has been in the PAT program for almost two years now. Both parents have participated in the visits and they always seem eager to learn new things or discuss experiences during our visits. I have seen the family grow from one child to two and from renting a home to purchasing their own. Their patience and love for their children id displayed through the way they participate in activities with them. One of the greatest moments I can recall during one of our visits was when the oldest child said his dad was “Superman.” He said it with a look of admiration and love and at that moment I knew how highly he thought of his father and how much looked up to him.

When I told this family I wanted to feature them, they sent me this:

“I’d like to thank you for the wonderful support you’ve given our family. Being in a new place and the pandemic keeping us away from family, it was nice receiving validation for our work as parents. Garrett and I both appreciate it more than you know. Ellis benefited greatly from the resources you provided, as well, had the best time working with bubbles and dough. Thank you so much.”

Author: Mary Jo Werito

(with a statement from the Castañeda Family)

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