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Meet the Educator - Stephanie Zuniga

Tell us about you and the unique qualities or expertise you have?

I was born and raised in El Paso Tx; I was an only child growing up and since I was little, I knew I always wanted to help people in some way, as I got older, I realized I wanted to give back by helping those in need around my community. I started volunteering as a CASA advocate in 2019 to help children have a voice in court.

What is your favorite part of the service you provide?

My favorite part of the service is that we're able to help parents realize their full potential and capabilities and help children hit milestones!

When you are not providing services to families, what do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to enjoy food, spend time with my family and watch the sunset during walks.

What is something unique about yourself that you would like others to know?

I enjoy trying new experiences, and I am a first-generation student, it has always motivated me to keep going and do my very best in everything I do!

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