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Meet the Educator – Cecilia Campos

Tell us about you and the unique qualities or expertise you have?

My name is Cecilia G Campos this is my second year as a Parent Educator. I like to work with children and teenagers. I volunteered at a church for almost 5 years; during that time I worked with teenagers and children. Throughout these years I have gained knowledge on how to connect, engage, and build a good relationship with children and their families.

What is your favorite part of the service you provide?

I really enjoy helping parents gain a better understanding of how to connect with their children through the activities and information provided to them. In addition to that, we are also aware of the needs and doubts that they have as parents. Watching the progress of parents and their children through the program gives me a great feeling knowing that I am offering them a good service.

When you are not providing services to families, what do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I really enjoy spending time with my family. Especially with my three daughters. We really enjoy any time together, seeing them laugh and listening to their dreams and desires is what inspires me the most to be a better mother and person.

What is something unique about yourself that you would like others to know?

Something unique about me is that I like to study and read, but above all, I like to help others. I believe that providing my knowledge and experiences to others is a way to contribute something good to society. I believe in people and that together we can raise children with a bright future; healthy kids with aspirations and big goals.

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