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Planting Seeds

It’s incredible how something so simple can make one so happy. I find myself meandering into the guest room often, where I have the perfect view to look at the tiny flowers. I also enjoy gazing at them as I begin and end my daily walks. They truly add beauty to our yard and bring joy to my soul.

Planting those lantana flowers recently has made me realize how important it is to plant in general. This is true of gardening in a literal sense, but I speak of this idea in a much broader context. As the days are giving way, now is the perfect time to start planting seeds for what we desire of a future harvest.

What do we hope and dream for within the next few months? What do we want our family life to look like? What new traditions or norms would we like to establish for ourselves and our loved ones? What new memories would we like to have made by the end of this year?

Now is the perfect time to ponder those questions and to plant the seeds that will lead to the type of harvest that we hope to make our own. So, as we begin to physically plant and garden and beautify our yards, let’s also spend time “planting seeds” for our future. Let’s plant them, and let’s furthermore put in the work of watering those seeds, pulling out any weeds, feeding the plants as they begin to sprout, and generally taking care of them as they grow and begin to blossom.

If we persevere and keep our focus on what we hope to achieve, we may very well have a harvest in full bloom this fall. So let’s keep dreaming, hoping, and working to make those dreams a reality.

Colleen James is a stay-at-home mom to her toddler son. She enjoys cooking, being outdoors, and writing spiritual insights and the occasional recipe for her blog:

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